Today, more than ever before, people are realizing that regular massage can make a profound difference to their health and wellbeing. The benefits of Raynor Massage are numerous and extend into many aspects of daily life, from a general feeling of wellbeing to getting rid of many of the common aches and pains that plague many of our lives. Raynor Massage works wonders on emotional conditions and is one of the best remedies to treat anxiety, deep seated emotional disturbances and stress.

On a physical level, The Raynor style of massage can heal many chronic injuries and old aches and pains, Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), pinched nerves, sciatica, muscular spasms, stiffness, migraines, backaches, sore necks, arthritis, scoliosis and some types of immobility. Other benefits of Raynor Massage are enhanced general performance of the body's organs and systems, increased energy levels and optimized performance, clarity of mind and good health. Many cases of Pre Menstrual Syndrome have been helped by Raynor Massage. Because of our emphasis on abdominal massage, many chronic digestive complaints (where deep seated tension has interfered with the normal function of the small or large intestine) have also been relieved.

On an emotional level, people often carry around emotional "issues" in their body that have manifested as physical tension in places such as the abdomen and hips. Releasing the physical tension, and using the client’s breath, can help rid the person of this old emotional baggage that causes them to be "stuck" or "weighed down" in their approach to life.

Our massage courses reach beyond conventional practices to teach practitioners how to work areas like the stomach, rib cage, feet, hands, head, sacrum and energy points and pathways (meridians) of the body. We work with the client’s breathing pattern to unlock deep seated stress and blocked energy which, in this unique combination, will promote one of the most powerful forms of healing available.

Raynor Massage has an emphasis on the interconnectedness of the body using “bands of tension” that exist throughout the human body. We look at healing the body, mind and spirit as a whole and see the interconnectedness of a person’s physical well being, emotional health and alignment with their spiritual purpose in life. The Raynor method of massage is one of the world’s most cutting edge and advanced systems of massage and bodywork. It draws knowledge from Shiatsu, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Thai massage, Hawaiian medicine, Reflexology and Deep Tissue Massage. 



Designed to relax your mind along with your body by combining therapeutic massage to help loosen, relax and soothe tired muscles along with the conditioning and recovery that comes from an assisted stretch. These stretches are similar to those found in a yoga practice. Together we will perform movements that deliver more than you can achieve stretching yourself. Regular assisted stretching increases flexibility, which improves mobility, leading to better performance overall. 

Hand & Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a healing practice originating in China.  It utilizes energy lines, or nerve pathways, to balance internal body systems. The feet are most commonly addressed but your treatment may also include hands, face and head.  

By using direct finger pressure, energy lines are stimulated, causing a "reset" response. This Brings the system back to its naturally balanced state.  Reflexology is known to induce deep relaxation.

Head, Hands and Feet Massage

Similar to an Upper Body Massage, this massage is conducted over a shorter period of time. Using Raynor Massage techniques, this deeply relaxing massage will release tension in your hands, feet and head.

Upper Body Massage 

Designed as an introductory massage, this particular massage applied with Raynor Massage techniques, focuses on the back, neck, head, arms and hands.


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