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Removing Four Layers of Tension

Our specialty is to remove all 4 levels of tension: Thinking, Physical, Emotional and Traumatic. This is what makes our treatments holistic. Here’s how Raynor Massage Specialists are trained to work to resolve your mind and body stress:

Thinking Layer of Tension – Slow mind chatter, ease the active mind and calm anxious thoughts.

Physical Layer of Tension – Seek to resolve aches, pains, posture imbalances, soreness, tight muscles, vehicle accident and chronic injuries, and other physical medical conditions.

Emotional Layer of Tension – Identify how emotional tension manifests into mental and physical issues (how “dis-ease” can often develop into “disease”). Release emotional tension by massaging the abdomen, feet, knees, hands, hips, head and/or chest.

Traumatic Tension – Ease the effects of long-term tension on the cellular structure of the mind and body, often a result of a life-threatening situation, such as a traumatic car accident, physical or sexual assault, or loss of loved one. Massage has been very successful in helping to lessen the symptoms and effects of Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Debilitating Anxiety and many other physical and mental ailments triggered by severe trauma. 



"It’s helpful to realize that this very body that we have, that’s sitting right here right now…with its aches and its pleasures…is exactly what we need to be fully human, fully awake, fully alive.”

Pema Chodron

My love for health and wellness began in 2009 when I pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology + Sociology. Understanding the human condition is something that has always fascinated me and after finishing school, I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to take what I had learned about the mind and seek out a better understanding of the human body. My goal was to find a modality that could bridge the connection between mind, body and soul. ​

In 2012, I discovered the missing piece that I had been searching for - the practice of yoga. My love for yoga first blossomed during my travels across Southeast Asia as I found physical and emotional empowerment within the practice. I took my 200 hour RYT training in Bali in 2015 and at the time was not planning to become a teacher. I decided to take the training for my own spiritual growth and to develop my own personal practice. After learning the history and theories behind yoga and deepening my practice further, I felt incredibly inspired to share the tremendous joy and healing that yoga brought into my life. I practice yoga to stay connected to my body, my mind, my community, and to stay inspired as a teacher. I teach because I hope to provide a space for others to feel the way my practice has made me feel: supported, nutured, challenged, empowered, and confident.

Raynor Deep Tissue Massage + Energy Balancing have opened up a new world for me. These two modalities have been the perfect compliment to one another and have given me a better understanding of the connection between mind, body and soul and how the interplay of these three things, in addition to our environments, can impact our overall health. My goal is to share my knowledge and learnings with as many people as possible and to provide a comfortable + safe space for my clients to feel seen, heard and understood. I believe that every individual is unique, and when given the proper tools we can live more balanced + empowered lives - mentally, physically + emotionally. 


Bachelor of Arts Degree - double major in Psychology and Sociology 

Certified Raynor Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Certified Level 1 - 4 Practitioner and Energy Coach - Touch for Health, through the IKC International Kinesiology College

Certified 200 hr Hatha Yoga - specializing in anatomy and the psychology of the energy body.

Certified Four Immersions Anusara Yoga Teacher Training 

Certified CanfitPro Personal Fitness Specialist 


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